Dark Dog Energy Drink

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Caffeine: 0.00 mg / ounce


Dark Dog is the brand name of an Austrian energy drink.

The drink has a functional effect on the body providing it with more energy due to the combination of ingredients which work to boost the metabolism and enhance mental concentration alongside physical stamina. Dark Dog contains natural (not synthetic) caffeine from the Guaran√° plant and provides vitamins and nutrition.

For people who need more energy, Dark Dog is a unique energy drink that gives you the ability to get more out of life. Unlike some other energy drinks Dark Dog uses natural caffeine from Guaran√°, not synthetic caffeine and only contains high quality, well researched ingredients that provide both vitamins and nutrition. Dark Dog does not contain substances which can be found in most other energy drinks such as Inositol and Glucoronolacton, there is no scientific knowledge as yet about their interaction with Caffeine and Taurine. Unique to Dark Dog is the extensive product range, not only offering the conventional energy drink packaging a 0.25l can but also a larger 0.5l can, a range of different sized PET bottles, a 5l barrel (Keg with integrated tap), a 18.6l Pre Mix Container and a limited edition aluminium bottle (recommended for limited edition promotions / adaptable designs). The Dark Dog Product Portfolio covers the entire market from gastronomy to student!

Nutrition Information

Image Size Caffeine Calories Carbohydrates Sugar Sodium
8.4oz Can 0.00 120 30 30 15

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