Fanta Strawberry

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Caffeine: 0.00 mg / ounce


Fanta Strawberry is one of the variants of Fanta that is sold over 180 countries in the whole world.

It has this sweet strawberry flavor that is packed in a bright, playful red-colored design.

During the World War II, the German bottling company could not get Coca-cola syrup because of the wartime restrictions on shipping between Germany and the United States. So, the plant devised a fruit flavored drink made from available ingredients. Thus, Fanta was created.

Nutrition Information

Image Size Caffeine Calories Carbohydrates Sugar Sodium
12oz Can 0.00 180 48 48 45
2 liter Bottle 0.00 960 264 264 240
20oz Bottle 0.00 300 83 83 75

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