OverCaffeinated: Examining Caffeine In All Its Flavors

This site is dedicated to all things caffeine. We collet any and all information about caffeine that we can get our hands on; including it's effects, issues and facts. With extra focus on gathering information about the caffeinated content of sodas and energy drinks.

Humble Beginnings

I originally launched this site in 2006 as a programming experiment in building a purely database driven website. As a developer, I have more then a passing acquaintance with caffeine (I prefer my caffeine in the form of Mt. Dew), and rather enjoyed gathering the information for the site.

While I built the site to as a test platform, I soon started getting a good number of visitors and feedback from the site. So in 2008 I expanded the database and information on the website. Again in 2010 additional information was added and some stupid errors were fixed. Yes, there were some spelling errors on the front page of the site for 4 years. Thank you to the visitor who pointed that out to me. Me fail English.

In 2012 I decided the site was in need of a serious overhaul, and decided to rebuild using Drupal as a way to better learn that platform. The new site launched Jan 7, 2013 with a hugely expanded database and tons of new pages, including: an ingredients section, manufacturer pages and slightly fewer spelling errors.

I've got some big plans going forward and there will now be a lot more updates and features in the coming months.

The People Behind the Site

Besides myself, I've enlisted some help: Isaac has been expanding the caffeine database, and Merrill has been contributing to the caffeine information pages. And I hope to be adding additional contributors as things roll along.

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