Learn About Caffeine

This is all about caffeine.

Types of Caffeine

Caffeine in its many different forms.
  • Information about the addictive and habit forming nature of caffeine.
  • One look at a line at the local Starbucks in the morning and you don't need to be convinced of the huge amount of coffee consumption in the U.S.
  • The facts about caffeine.
  • A look at the dreaded caffeine headache and what causes it.
  • Millions overuse caffeine which can cause symptoms such as nervousness and anxiety, hyperreflexia, and sleeplessness. In large doses or long-term exposure, respiratory problems and even heart palpitations can occur. And that's just for starters.
  • Myths surrounding caffeine. From slightly off to the outright absurd.
  • Caffeine and Pregnancy
  • A look at what caffeine withdrawal is and the symptoms associated with withdrawal.
  • In South America a bushy shrub called quarana produces clusters of red berries containing black seeds.
  • In Argentina and neighboring regions the historical caffeinated drink, yerba mate has a number of unique historical and social settings. Early Spanish explorers and settlers learned about the stimulatory effects of yerba mate from the native Americans living in that region.

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