Cocaine Energy Drink

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Caffeine: 34.15 mg / ounce


Cocaine is manufactured by Redux Beverages and was. It was released September 2006 to a truck load of controversy. ReduxÔøΩs decision to use the name ÔøΩCocaineÔøΩ could either be described as pure marketing genius or legal suicide. The product launch created so much controversy, that the product was featured in the news extensively.

Finally on May 5, 2007, Cocaine was pulled from store shelves when the FDA decided that Cocaine was "illegally marketing their drink as an alternative to street drugs". Redux Beverages imidietly switched the name of the product to ÔøΩNo NameÔøΩ energy drink. The new cans label featured a large blank space to allow fans to write their own name for the drink. By June 17th, Redux was distributing the drink under the new label. Responding to the name change, Cocaine's founder and senior partner, Jamey Kirby, in June 2007 Kirby stated: "Oh, we'll get our name back. We'll get it back."

Redux Beverages recently announced that the Cocaine energy drink will return to store shelves with its original name in early 2008.

A 8.2 oz can of Cocaine has an amazing 280 mg of caffeine (34.15 mg per ounce). That makes Cocaine one of the most caffeine loaded energy drinks on the market.

From our experience with Cocaine, it is kind of like drinking liquid red hots. It has a hot cinnamon type taste.

Nutrition Information

Image Size Caffeine Sugar Protein Sodium
8.2oz Can 280.00 18 1 200

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