Sprite Zero

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Caffeine: 0.00 mg / ounce


Sprite Zero is the low-calorie and sugar-free version of Sprite that is produced by the Coca-cola Co.

This is also a clear lemon-lime flavored drink that was originally branded and introduced as "Sugar Free Sprite" in 1974. It was renamed "Diet Sprite" in 1983 and is known to other countries as "Sprite Light". In September 2004, its name was again changed to "Diet Sprite Zero".

Starting in the summer of 2006, this product is now known as "Sprite Zero" with its new packaging and with its modified recipe.

Nutrition Information

Image Size Caffeine Potassium Aspartame Acesulfame Potassium Sodium
12oz Bottle 0.00 35
12oz Can 0.00 110 75 51 35
16oz Bottle 0.00 50
2 liter Bottle 0.00 200
20oz Bottle 0.00 62
7.5oz Mini Can 0.00 20

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